Our Team

For 20 years, we have been
sharing our passion of music creation

CEO / Co-Founder

Olivier Kreis

CPO / Co-Founder

Thomas Chere

CTO / Music Director

Olivier Gicquel

Account Manager / Chief of Operations - China

Sasha Jiang

Project Manager / Music Curator - China

Coda Xia

Account & BD Manager - China

Lisa Sha

Head of Music Library

Fabrice Dumont


Fréderic Monvoisin

Business Advisor

Claude Nahon

Business Advisor - China

Edmond Tao

Tech Advisor / Software Development

Edouard de Saint Charmas

Legal Advisor

Jean-Philippe Engel

Tech Advisor / Software Development

Timothée Mermet-Buffet

COO / Partner - Manila

Abdel Aziz

Director / Partner - Manila

Paco Gancayo

COO / Partner - Ho Chi Minh

Cedric Nguyen

Music Director / Partner - Vietnam

Emmanuel Trione

Managing Partner - Thailand SEA

Benoit Thebaut

COO / Partner - Thailand

Palit Suranakapan